Merchant account online


E-commerce solutions provide a complete suite offering the vendor one of the most secure and trustworthy solutions in the industry. Maintaining the stringent security practices of PCI compliance and 3-D fraud.

  • Support to adjust the payment page for matching each customer's requirements.
  • Support multi-language on billing screen.
  • Support recurring payments.
  • Support payments from mobile devices (support iOS, Android ...)
  • Supports a variety of different payment currency.

Security & Fraud Protection

a. Tier 1 PCI DSS Compliant

We adhere to the highest security standards set by Visa and MasterCard. We secure and protect your customer and credit card data with military-grade software and servers. We offer the highest level of protection available. Our payment gateway environment is hosted also be PCI DSS compliant, further enhancing our levels of security.


Partnerships you can trust protecting your business 24/7

Let us worry about security compliance and focus on your business.

b. Anti-fraud products

Fraud Alerts uses live transaction data, and utilises global database to decide whether to accept, challenge or deny transactions. Receive alerts anywhere, anytime, with complete control to accept or deny transactions. Avoid expensive chargeback costs and reduce time manually reviewing every order. Merchant online free anti fraud product which uses geolocation to check the IP address and customer billing address. Allows you to send a verification pin number to a customer via email, SMS, or phone to confirm the purchase is genuine.


  • Minimise charge-back rates to maximise revenue
  • Save time by eliminating the need to manually review transactions
  • No additional integration required

c. Payment Page

 Get the benefits of direct payment without needing to maintain expensive PCI DSS compliance. Client-side encryption auto-encrypts your customer's credit card details through a simple script that is added to your payment form. The customer securely completes the entire transaction on your site - no redirect needed.


  • The customer never leaves your site, you control the customer experience.
  • A simple PCI DSS compliant solution - just add the script to your payment form
  • Minimise drop-offs and maximise customer confidence.

d. Types of Payments

Token is the perfect solution for encouraging return business. Customers can log in to your site and make purchases without having to enter their billing information each time. For merchants with multiple accounts under one legal business entity, Merchant account can generate shared customer tokens across your different websites.

Manual: Easily take payments via fax, over the phone, or even in-store. Just type the credit card details into Merchant online, and you will receive an instant transaction result.

Multi-currency: Recruit customers all over the world by taking payments in Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, US Dollars, Australia Dollars, Great British Pounds, Euros and more. Benefits:

  • Go global, tapping new markets
  • Use all our products in your desired currency
  • Link all your accounts to one in Merchant online to streamline your administration.

Refund: Merchant online allows you to partially or completely refund any transaction. There is no time limit, no need to re-enter the customer's information and no waiting. Benefits:

  • Discover the simplicity of our intuitive interface
  • Increase customer confidence with a solid refund policy
  • Update billing details if your customer's card has expired

e. Reporting

Monitor your eCommerce activity. You can easily track your online payments. All transactions are searchable and sortable, you can refine and automate exportable reports, manage and pay invoices, and easily reconcile your accounts. Benefits:

  • Check payment statuses through your site's bank end
  • Keep your customers appraised and your systems up-to-date
  • Get real-time information for easy business management

Settlement Reports: ECommerce is a transaction-intensive industry with high fraud risks. Report feature that allows merchants to conduct programmatic reconciliation to ensure account figures of purchases and payments are accurate. Benefits:

  • Easily reconcile your accounts
  • Ensure accuracy of your eCommerce transactions
  • Gain a better understanding of your online payments.

f. Marketing tools

Transactional emails, want to upsell and market more to your customers? Continue your relationship after the sale, use Transactional Emails to build trust and create loyalty. Advertise directly to a captive market and let them engage with you across multiple social networks.

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